Welcome To Textlinky - Wooo!

Posted 5 years ago by Tom

Hello everyone, we're alive! - I wanted to write a quick blog post here and talk about who we are and what we want to achieve with textlinky.

Firstly we are 2 long suffering entrepreneurs, from a small town in England - Tom & Mike. We've been working in the web for what seems like forever, and this is one of our many adventures together.

So, what is textlinky? - In short it's a way for you to use SMS in your websites, apps and anything else you can think of with real simplicity. We're just starting out but ultimately this will be a full suite of tools that will help you manage all your SMS needs really easily and all from one place.

What you can do right now is place a little snippet of code in your website, and that will let your users send themselves a text message containing whatever information you'd like - how you use that is up to you, but we're seeing a few cool use cases already

Order/Reservation Confirmations This is pretty simple stuff, you show the widget on your order confirmation page and let the users send that information to themselves.

Sending your address We've seen a few restaurants look at using textlinky to allow people to send their address to their phone - Displaying the widget on their find us or contact us page, then when people are browsing for somewhere to go out to eat while they are at work, they can quickly text themselves the address and have it to hand when they set off.

That's just a couple of ways we're being used now, but we're excited to see what people do with textlinky.

What we'll be doing next thought is continuing to improve the service, How people go about using textlinky will drive how we make those improvements - we didn't want to build an all singing all dancing product and then find people wanted something totally different, but we've got some nice ideas you'll see arriving over the coming weeks and months.

Thanks for reading!