Optimizing Your App Website

Posted 5 years ago by Tom

Hey! So we've spent many years working with conversion rates on websites and on mobile, and we wanted to share a few ideas with you on how you can make your mobile app landing page get you more downloads.

1. Mobile optimise your pages

The most obvious one to start with, but we're constantly amazed that people don't do it well is - mobile optimise your pages! Seriously, you want mobile app downloads, but your app's website looks terrible on mobile? Give us a break! Make sure the page renders correctly and make sure it looks just as good on mobile (if not better) as it does on desktop.

2. Keep it simple

With mobile app websites another common mistake people make is over complicating the landing page - keep it short and snappy. Tell people what your app is trying to do, and provide them with a way to get it - You really don't need a whole lot more than that. The upside of this is it's a lot easier to make everything look pretty on mobile devices.

3. Test different things

Every site is different, there is no golden bullet to fix every issue and make every site convert amazingly, there are tools out there that can help you - we love Peek from UserTesting - this will get you voice feedback and a video of the user actually interacting with your site, you can try it for free too.

Tools like CrazyEgg are also really valuable for you to try different things and see what is working.

4. Make it easy

One of the key things to keep in mind when doing anything mobile related is to make whatever action you want from the user super easy, as few steps as possible to reach that action. Textlinky is a good example of this, we reduce the number of steps between the user being interested in downloading your app and actually getting the app installed on their device - You get 10 free credits when you sign up so you've got nothing to lose by giving us a go - Sign Up to Textlinky

5. Speed is critical

Speed is important on websites, but it's even more important on mobile landing pages - you need to have a super fast website, not only for your users but also to help your search engine rankings too. There are a few little tricks we've used here at Textlinky to make sure our site and services load at blistering speed - firstly check out Cloudflare, we have no idea how this works, frankly it's witchcraft, but If you make use of their features you'll have a huge speed improvement without doing a lot of technical work.

For a more technical approach to improving your speed we also recommend Peek from UserTesting from Google itself, this has a whole host of module that can dramatically improve your page loading times.

6. Have one solid call to action

Don't confuse your users with "Get started now" "sign up now" "sign up free" - loads of different calls to action across the page, if you're running a mobile app you have one aim, which is to get users to download your app - Just have one consistent call to action, which could be "Download" or "get started" but have them all the same - Or, as we've seen a really great way to handle this is to have a "text me the app" widget on your page - supplied of course by Textlinky.

7. Have key info above the fold (and mobile fold!)

Having the key information to "sell" your app above the fold is still very important, you've likely heard this a million times and it still absolutely stands true - the thing that has changed is there is now multiple folds, you have a desktop fold, a mobile fold, a tablet fold and infinite variations of each. We tend to pick our key users and make sure that the devices they are accessing from look good and have our key messaging and call to actions above that fold.

There you have it, a few little tips here and there and you'll be flying in no time at all.

Remember a really great way to optimise your page is having Textlinky installed - so go ahead and get started, our customers call it a no brainer, we hope you will too!