Shiny New Things

Posted 5 years ago by Tom

Those of you who used the early version of Textlinky may have had bit of a surprise (and hopefully treat) this morning.

It's all change here at Textlinky - we hope you like the new design & branding.

As we started working on building out the platform we want Textlinky to become it became clear that we'd need to revisit the interface to make room for the additional features, the navigation was getting cluttered and looking messy - especially on mobile.

What we have now is a very consistent and flexible interface that allows us to grow the platform, but keep it all looking and working nice.

alt text

We also decided to re-visit the logo - The previous logo was great if we wanted to stick to being just a widget for sending download links, but we don't, this new logo gives us a more broad scope which you'll start to see the reasons for soon!

So this is the new Textlinky, new branding, new interface, and now it's time for some new features!

Thanks for reading