Introducing SmartLinks

Posted 5 years ago by Tom

Hey everyone, as promised we've continued to make improvements to our service. Everyone is operating with Apps these days so we wanted to make sure our service reflected that, and that's why today we're releasing SmartLinks.

alt text

Smartlinks let you create a specific set of rules when your message is sent, such as redirecting users based on their mobile device.

Let's say you have an App, people land on your website, they then try and find your app in the app store, or try and email it themselves, or memorise it for later, and can't you most likely lose that user.

With SmartLinks you can show a text me a download link widget on your page, this will then send your users a text message containing a link, which will automatically redirect the user to the correct app store device for their site - simple, but highly effective.

We've made installation of SmartLinks really easy, Just log into your account, click install and then select Smart Links and we'll guide you through everything.

The best thing is, SmartLinks are just a feature that we've added to your service, no extra charge.

Enjoy! T