General Info SMS

Posted 4 years ago by Tom

For a while now we've had a feature live that we've not really talked about, and that is General Info texts.

If you're already a user you can access these here :

What are general info texts?

Ever wanted to really quickly and easily offer sms confirmation of orders? or even allow your users to share the page they are on to their phone, or a friends phone? all kinds of things. Well we built this to allow you to do just that, very very easily.

Let's take an example.

You have a checkout process on your website, and want to let users send themselves a order confirmation text, with textlinky that is as easy as this:

Include our JS

<script async src="//"></script>

Then place this code wherever you want our widget to appear, in this example we're using PHP to populate the message:

<p>Send a confirmation text</p> <div class="textlinky-form" data-id="3" data-message="<?=$message?>" data-layout="inline"> </div>

This will display something similar to the below:


Users can now easily send themselves an order confirmation. These messages can contain anything you like!